What's "Custom Insurance”?

How to avoid custom tax or the goods be seized by custom?

We will declare the package we sent to you with a low value ,and we will also describe it as a gift to you from your Chinese friend or family. Normally the package will be arrived to you smoothly without tax or get seized by custom. But it also have risk that custom need you to offer some information of you and the package of you to declare at customs.  If this happens to your package just telling the shipping company that the package is low value around 20usd and sent by a friend of you from China ,don’t say it’s brand goods. Normally they will release the package to you. But if you are unlucky that custom opens your package directly without asking your info,and asked you pay tax or seize the package directly.

About the tax part you need to offer it by yourself.  But if the custom seized the package but you bought custom insurance form us we will resend the package. But if you didn’t buy the insurance,you need to offer the responsibility of the lost by yourself.

What’s the “custom insurance”?

The “custom insurance” can offer peace of mind when shipping valuable items. Shipping can be tough on packages. Improper handling can cause loss or damage to your shipment. In such cases, you should at least get some of the value returned to you to compensate for the damage issue . And you can also get the item get resent out of the loss during shipping.

This insurance helps you determine that compensation and very important if you are sending a package to an international destination.